SMT small placement machine GSD-M606

SMT small placement machine GSD-M606 features

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SMT small placement machine GSD-M606 features


1. Able to identify all kinds of complex components;

2. Gaojing visual recognition system;

3. High-speed motion controller;

4. Precision intelligent placement head;

5. Precision mechanical structure;

6. Simple and easy-to-use interface.

SMT small placement machine GSD-M606 advantages

1. Using low-noise precision screw structure, high performance temperature accuracy;

2. The use of gigabit six-eye flying camera greatly improves the mounting efficiency;

3. The 220V servo motor has a rated total power of 1.5KW, which is the lowest in the single-arm mounter in the industry, and the whole machine has the smallest volume.

4. The use of 50 million times of high-flexibility cable, greatly increases the stability and reliability, enhances the durability of the cable, and further reduces the failure rate of the wire;

5. Compared with the same type of placement machine abroad, the energy consumption is reduced by more than 50%. Wide range of use, high compatibility, precise stability and international synchronization.


SMT small placement machine GSD-M606 technical parameters

1. Positioning method: fixed photo + mobiles photo;

2. Number of shafts: 1 head * 6 mouths;

3. Mounting speed: 22000CPH;

4. Mounting accuracy: ±50um;

5. Corresponding components: 0402-32mm, SOP/QFP, etc. (H15mm);

6. Minimum PCB size: 50*50mm;

7. Maximum PCB size: 300*1200mm;

8. PCB thickness: 0.38-4.2mm;

9. The number of feeders: 48 8mm;

10. Power supply/air pressure: AC220V/0.5±0.5Mpa;

11. Rated power: 1.5KW;

12. Weight: 1500KG;

13. Dimensions: 1272*1280*1450mm.